About Us

Our guarantee of quality, caring and attentiveness to your educational and certification needs set Triton Training Solutions apart

About Us

The training programs and professional certifications offered at Triton Training Solutions are regularly updated to meet the educational and learning needs of our students, including individuals seeking new skills, professionals seeking certifications to enhance their careers, leaders seeking to drive successful business initiatives, and corporate entities. We keep a watchful eye on the future and constantly speak to key employers and agencies about job marketplace trends and changes.

Accelerated, Instructor-Led Learning to Fast Track Your Career

Whatever you aspire to be, or do in your career Triton Training Solutions offers the training and mentorship to help guide you. From that special job to your next promotion we can help you get there faster and confidently with the right training and knowledge. See our list of specific courses and programs here. Keeping a pulse on the changing technologies and methodologies affecting employers and the professional workforce, we can work with you, your team and organization with a quick focus and turnaround to deliver programs and certifications relevant to you today and in the future.

How it Began – Triton Training Solutions Professional Development Centers

Founded by IT business management experts with more than 30 years combined experience, Triton Training Solutions solid reputation and active commitment to professional education and development training since 2001, Triton Training Solutions continues to grow beyond this commitment with robust, accelerated learning and managing a relevant course catalog aligned with the life-long learning needs of organizations and individuals. Triton Training Solutions is now in Austin and offers a full range of support services to ensure your training needs are met.

What Triton Training Solutions offers you


Our course catalog is updated regularly and includes a variety of critical training programs including Business Analysis, IT Management, Project Management, Security and more.


We’re pleased to bring blended instructor-led learning to our students and clients, including traditional classrooms, computer labs, e-learning and live online learning.


We offer a convenient, single-sourced solution for meetings and events with modern rooms, computer classrooms, comfortable seating, state-of-the-art equipment and catering services.


We pride ourselves on the high caliber of training that we offer. Our instructors are certified, and have real-world experience in the fields in which they teach.


From Agile to ITIL, to Security Analyst and CCISO, we continue to bring the courses and specialized training employers want most.


All of Triton Training Solutions award-winning Learning Methods deliver the same comprehensive content—in online and traditional classroom settings, at your worksite, and self-paced with one-on-one support.

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